Back to school routines

As August comes into full swing, summer slowly fading out, back-to-school season is literally knocking on the door! My kids go back to school on Wednesday. This is the earliest I ever remember them starting school. It seems the summer was over in a blink of the eye! 

Getting everyone back into a school type routine can be trying. I have 2 middle schoolers, 3 in elementary, and one toddler. Here are some great tips to help transition from "laissez les bons temps rouler" to getting back to the learning grind.

Morning Routines: New morning routines are a major change for most children when school starts. Establishing and discussing a morning routine with your children before school starts will help your child successful. Simple, well-defined, and easy steps and an easy-to-reference schedule, maybe with pictures, can engage your child and provide a wonderful visual guide for what she needs to do next (see pinned posts on Morning Routines board).

Morning Routine Chart

Bedtime Routines: Transitioning into a healthy bedtime can be very difficult. Most kids are used to going to sleep later and waking up later during the summer. Clear expectations of your children will help set them up for success. Anything that can be done before bed to help make the morning a little less stressful should be done. Things like getting clothes together the night before and making sure their book bags are packed. Step by step instructions as well as visual reminders are useful for bedtime routines, as well. Electronics should be turned off one hour before bedtime. (see pinned posts on Bedtime Routines board)

School will start before you know it. Hopefully these tips will help it go a little smoother for you.